German Union ver.di Leading Fight for Fairness for Amazon Warehouse Workers


CWAers and allies demonstrate outside Amazon's Seattle headquarters.

You know you're in trouble when the headline reads: "Amazon Worse Than Walmart." Amazon is known for its worldwide distribution network of just about everything. But increasingly, it's also become known for its ruthless treatment of workers and some of the worst working conditions anywhere. That goes for warehouses in the U.S., the U.K and Germany. Read a scathing indictment of Amazon here.

The German union ver.di is continuing to fight for fair wages for Amazon workers and job rights. A series of rolling strikes that began last spring culminated in worldwide actions in December. Then, CWAers and other activists rallied outside Amazon's worldwide headquarters in Seattle to show their solidarity with Amazon workers in Germany who continued their rolling strikes to push Amazon to negotiate with ver.di.

Currently, Amazon workers aren't covered by the negotiated agreement for the retail and mail order trades industry, and that means Amazon workers in Germany earn several thousand dollars a year less than other warehouse workers.

Ver.di will continue the Amazon rolling strikes this year, with plans to expand to more centers. "People want to be treated by their employer with dignity and respect and not like machines or robots," ver.di said.