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Help at End of the Line

Dear Editor:
I am a retired member of CWA. I work as a part-timer on the staff at HELP LINE, a non-profit, crisis telephone service in New York City.

HELP LINE is a part of Contact USA, a nationwide organization of crisis telephone services. Volunteers take telephone calls from people in crisis, often suicidal, and direct them to help. There is no charge and all calls are confidential. HELP LINE is New York City's first crisis telephone service. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale started it 27 years ago and we are still expanding to serve the public. HELP LINE has received commendations for its work from U.S. presidents, New York governors and New York City mayors.

My responsibilities include assisting in the training of the hundreds of volunteers it takes to run HELP LINE. I am very proud of the work we are doing and I am honored to be associated with people such as those who volunteer to work at HELP LINE. It is meaningful volunteer work and it is a serious and challenging commitment. In many ways this kind of volunteer work gratifyingly changes those who make the effort to learn it. It is a truly unique experience.

I know the members of CWA are the kind of people who would think it right to help those less fortunate, those in trouble, those in need. We always have.

If CWA active or retired members want to know more about volunteering at HELP LINE, please call, without obligation, 212/684-4480 for information. For those outside the New York City area wanting information about a hotline crisis center in their own area, please call Contact USA, on 717/223-3501.

Charles R. Corris