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Delegates Support Convention Resolutions for Equality, Unity

April 25, 2013

CWA delegates adopted several important resolutions at the 74th convention:

  • On the 30th anniversary of the Minority Leadership Institute, delegates resolved to continue the program’s rich tradition at all levels of leadership in order to promote racial and gender equity and economic justice.
  • Delegates agreed to educate members and take action to oppose congressional proposals that would reduce Social Security benefits and raise out-of-pocket Medicare expenses on middle-income recipients. CWA will support a federal budget that increases tax revenues on the wealthy and large corporations; cuts military spending by the maximum amount consistent with true security for our people; and adequately funds programs that create jobs, invest in people and a 21st century infrastructure, and protect the social safety net on which millions of the elderly, children, disabled and others depend.
  • Delegates resolved that the size of a local does not guarantee its effectiveness. CWA local unions must make it a priority to educate and mobilize members to give them a real opportunity to participate in building the movement for democracy and economic justice. The size of a local does not guarantee its effectiveness.
  • CWA members, locals, officers and staff pledge to work in our communities to build effective organizations that will stand up to the one percent and fight for universal voting rights, democratic Senate rules and getting big money out of politics.
  • CWA will continue its campaign of mobilization, demonstrations, and direct action to demand that the Senate confirm a full package of NLRB nominees. If necessary, that means changing the Senate rules to permit debate, force votes on nominations made by the president and eliminate GOP hostage-taking.
  • Delegates resolved that CWA continue to demand a path to citizenship for 11 million immigrants. They offered amendments from the floor and approved final resolution that said CWA at every level will join forces with other unions, faith groups, civil rights and community organizations, Jobs with Justice, students and others to build a movement for comprehensive immigration reform.
  • Delegates endorsed and supported efforts to remove health insurance exclusions that prevent transgender people from accessing medically necessary care. They resolved to ensure quality public and private health care coverage is available to everyone.

Delegates also adopted the reports of the Women’s Committee and the Committee on Civil Rights and Equity. Both took on the tough issues facing the country and called for action on income inequality, education, violence against women, pervasive discrimination and other barriers to true social and economic justice.