CWA, Transport Workers Union Form New Partnership

Larry Cohen_CWA-TWU

TWU Intl President James Little, second left, Executive Vice President Harry Lombardo, and Secretary Treasurer Joseph Gordon, right, with CWA President Larry Cohen, talk with CWA Executive Board members about a new partnership.

The Transport Workers Union of America and CWA have voted to work together in a new affiliation. The new partnership was unanimously endorsed by the executive boards of both unions.

The two unions represent more than 120,000 airline workers and are joining forces to support bargaining and organizing at American Airlines and campaigns at other airlines.

In New York and Philadelphia, TWU members have been a big part of the fair contract fight by CWA and IBEW members at Verizon and Verizon Wireless. In the Midwest, where TWU represents transit workers and CWA represents university and public workers, there's a lot of common ground.

TWU International President James C. Little said the two unions shared "common values and principles that should intuitively benefit our members through working together." CWA President Larry Cohen said partnerships like this "are the only way we will make progress for workers."

TWU represents 130,000 workers in airlines, transit, rail, and gaming. CWA represents 700,000 workers in telecommunications, media, airlines, manufacturing, public service and health care.