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CWA: Senate Leaders Must Move President's NLRB Nominations to the Senate Floor

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The Communications Workers of America commends President Obama for putting forward three additional nominations to the National Labor Relations Board. These nominations, together with two previously announced, would restore the NLRB to full status and will ensure that a functioning NLRB can enforce workers’ rights on the job.

The NLRB protects workers in the American workplace.  It’s where workers turn when they are fired and their free speech is threatened. 

“It’s important that the Senate moves quickly, to counter a cynical move by House Republicans to stop the NLRB from making any decisions without a quorum of three, despite the fact that Senate Republicans have blocked all nominations to the Board. The ridiculously named ‘Preventing Greater Uncertainty in Labor-Management Relations Act’ will come up for a House vote later this week,” said CWA President Larry Cohen.

“The US Chamber of Commerce and many of its corporate members would prefer that the NLRB not function at all. As a result of Republican obstructionism in the Senate, 85 million workers have lost a critical path to workplace justice as a growing number of corporations are refusing to abide by Board decisions,” he said.

Now it’s up to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate leaders to move the President’s nominations to the Senate floor and work to have them confirmed.

If the nominations are blocked by the Republican minority, Majority Leader Reid must be ready to confront that obstructionism to keep this agency functioning.

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