CWA Members Plan Protests for Verizon Shareholder Meeting on May 3

VZW Greed App Billboard

VeriGreedy Verizon billboard.

Below: Verizon workers rescued Fios, a 1-year-old tabby, from a tree.

union cat

Taking a stand against corporate greed, CWA activists plan to protest Verizon Communication's annual shareholder meeting on May 3.

The gathering starts at 10:30 a.m. at the Von Braun Center, an arena located in Huntsville, Ala. Shareholders will be voting on nine proposals, including an AFSCME and CWA General Fund proposition requiring Verizon to publicly disclose its federal- and state-level lobbying.

Are you a shareholder? Raise your voice and cast a vote against CEO Lowell McAdam's $23.1 million compensation package. You can find the current proxy statement here.

Too far from Huntsville to come in person? Around the country, activists will be demonstrating and leafleting to make sure their local communities know about Verizon's failure to bargain fairly with workers, its tax dodging and its demands for major givebacks by workers and retirees while the company posts record profits. CWA rallies are currently being planned in Pittsburgh, Pa.; Harrisburg, Pa.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Roanoke, Va.; Richmond, Va.; Salisbury, Md.; Hampton, Va.; Wilmington, Del.; Dover, Del.; Portland, Ore.; Twin Cities, Minn.; and other locations.

The 99 Spring/Challenging Corporate Power has prepared an action tool kit about VeriGreedy. Read more here.

And check out On Wednesday, Verizon workers came to the rescue of a cat trapped in a tree with a cable-wire noose in New York. Workers have named the 1-year-old tabby Fios, and he's now joining the fight for a fair contract.

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