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CWA - Avaya Bargaining Report #12

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We met with the company this morning and received responses to some of the data requested. The company passed a counter proposal on the Avaya Savings Plan and the Avaya Award. Their proposals so far have mirrored or have been less than the management Plans.


The Unions passed a counter proposal on the Academic Awards. We also gave a proposal on increasing Optional Termination pay. After much discussion the session ended. At the end, the Union re-iterated our stand that unless we received a proposal from the company that would create job security for the members we represent there would be no movement on any of their issues. We have very few days left to bargain and we have not agreed on anything. Your ramping up of mobilization is needed to get the company’s attention.


The Unions continued to work on proposals in the afternoon. In addition, the Care Center sub-committee also met. The Union passed a comprehensive proposal on job security, absence language, upgrades, monitoring, work week compression, and sales incentives. Also included were issue around FMLA included time and Recognition programs. The company had no proposals at this time. We are scheduled to meet again in formal session at tomorrow.


We also had a call with our mobilizers across the country at . They are ready to get the word out to all of you on what is needed in the next few days. Every day Avaya must hear the roar!



Nine more days!!!!






In Unity,


CWA-Avaya Bargaining Team