Bargaining Updates

  • At AT&T Southeast, a new three-year agreement covering 23,000 workers was ratified by a 60 percent vote. It covers workers in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.
  • At AT&T Southwest, 22,000 CWA members are covered by the contract that expires April 6, 2013. Union and management bargaining teams agreed to begin early negotiations last week.
  • At CenturyLink (the former Qwest operation), 13,000 CWA members in 13 states in District 7 continue to bargain. The contract is being extended as negotiations continue.
  • Negotiations are ongoing for CenturyLink workers covered by two separate contracts in Arkansas, members of CWA Local 6171.
  • Separate negotiations covering 18,000 CWAers at AT&T West and 3,200 CWA members at AT&T East in Connecticut are continuing.
  • At Verizon Southwest, negotiations continue for 1,800 CWA members.