Bargaining Update

General Electric Contract Expires June 21

At the GE bargaining table last week, IUE-CWA President Jim Clark put management on notice that workers made hard choices in the last round of negotiations for job security and the future of GE's U.S. facilities. "Shifting costs to our members is not the answer," he said, adding, "health care has to be fixed before we leave here."

IUE-CWA's contract negotiations with General Electric Co., got underway on June 1 in New York City. The negotiations cover 10,000 IUE-CWA workers and another 6,000 workers from other unions, including the IBEW, Auto Workers, Machinists and United Electrical Workers (UE). The contract expires June 21. Read more at


IUE-CWA members are mobilizing across the country as they count down to contract expiration. Here, members of IUE-CWA Local 83161 in Salem, Va., (top) and IUE-CWA Local 86004 in Arkansas City, Kansas, are standing strong for a fair contract.



Verizon East Negotiations Start June 22

Bargaining begins next week for the Verizon East contract covering 29,000 CWAers and 14,000 IBEW members; the contract expires Aug. 1.

Since early June, union members throughout the Verizon East footprint – New York, New Jersey, New England and the mid-Atlantic states – have been holding informational pickets, telling the company that "we want good jobs at Verizon."

"Instead of creating good jobs, Verizon paid its top executives a quarter of a billion dollars over just five years. We need more good jobs, not executive pay," is the message. Keep up with the latest at




CWAers across the Verizon East footprint are fighting for a fair contract, and held informational pickets from the mid-Atlantic to New England. From top, members of Local 13500 in Philadelphia, members of Local 1395 in Littleton, Mass., and members of Local 1103 in Port Chester, N.Y.


Contract at AT&T Southeast Expires August 8

CWA members in District 3 are ready to mobilize as contract negotiations open on June 23. The contract covers more than 27,000 CWA-represented workers.

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CWA President Chris Shelton, District 3 Vice President Richard Honeycutt and Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Fla- 18th district) with CWAers in South Florida at the "Get Ready for Bargaining with AT&T" rally.

Below: Hundreds of D3 CWAers turn out for the solidarity rally for AT&T bargaining.