AT&T - AT&T Operations Holiday Selection Calendar

AT&T – AT&T Operations Holiday Selection Calendar


TO:  All AT&T Local Presidents

RE:  Union Designated Holidays – (AT&T Legacy Bargaining Unit Members Only)


During the 2003 Contract Extension, the Union retained the right to designate floating holidays for members who were formerly covered by the 1986 AT&T COMMUNICATIONS CONTRACT.  In the state of New York, the Union may select up to three of the floating holidays in each calendar year to become designated holidays.  In all other states, the Union may select one floating in each calendar year to become a designated holiday.

The AT&T Holiday Selection Calendar has been attached (click here) for you convenience.  Please indicate which holiday(s) your Local wishes to designate.  You must make a decision at this time or the holiday(s) will remain as a floating holiday(s).

Notification to AT&T of the Union-designated holidays must be made by the C&T office.  Due to the numerous past disputes and problems will designate holidays, we must insist on having a document in the C&T office signed by an officer of the Local designating the holiday(s).  Where different holidays are designated for different groups of employees or different work locations, these designations must be stated so that the can clearly by understood by someone not familiar with your particular jurisdiction and the work groups you represent.  Where practicable, please include the address of each location where a holiday designation is being made.

The Local's document designating holiday(s) for 2010, 2011 and 2012 must be sent via US mail, e-mail or facsimile to arrive in the C&T office no later than the close of business October 22, 2009.  You will receive fax/e-mail reply that we have received your request within seven (7) working days after transmittal.  This process was delayed because of AT&T bargaining.  We needed to insure that this would carry forth.  As a result we are on a very short time line.

If you do not receive an acknowledgement from this office, it is incumbent upon the Local to contact us.  The letter to AT&T will be prepared on and transmitted to AT&T on October 23, 2009.  No changes or additions to the list of designations will be permitted after the notification is transmitted to AT&T.

Locals are reminded that where more than one Local represents employees within a designated holiday universe, both Locals must request the same holiday designations for those employees.  If an agreement cannot be reached, then the holidays will remain floating holidays.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

In Unity,

Ruth W. Marriott
CWA Representative