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250 Colorado Taxi Drivers Organize with CWA

July 5, 2007
A union of taxi drivers who organized four years ago with the assistance of CWA has affiliated with CWA Local 7777 to increase their clout with local and state authorities who regulate operators in the cutthroat industry. Based in Denver, the union, called Protaxi, has a membership of more than 250 drivers who operate as independent contractors and work for one of three taxi companies in the city. The workers are tired of paying exorbitant fees to the companies ($600 or more a month) in order to drive a cab in Denver.

"They want to be part of CWA so they can take advantage of our political clout and connections with state regulatory bodies and the legislature to improve their working conditions," said Kevin Mulligan, administrative director to District 7 Vice President Annie Hill.  One of their first goals will be improving drivers' access, and the number of drivers, who cover Denver International Airport. The drivers' ultimately want to form their own cooperative so they can lower their costs and compete directly with the city's existing cab companies.

Union members are urged to ask for a "Protaxi-CWA" driver whenever they are hailing a taxi in Denver. The drivers are being assisted in their efforts by Local 7777 President Suzie Miller, Secretary-Treasurer Dale Feller and Organizer Ron Harleman.