Election Update


Last Wednesday, CWA local leaders and activists in California hosted a virtual town hall with Governor Gavin Newsom and participated in a phone bank to encourage Californians to vote NO in the recall election. CWAers across the state have been mobilizing to ensure a victory for working people in this critical election.

“The Republican and the right wing folks, they have an echo chamber and they’re ginned up on this,” said Governor Newsom. “Their enthusiasm is off the charts to take the keys to the fifth largest economy, the bluest state in America where our values are quite literally at risk if we don’t push back and vote NO on this recall.”

To join the phone bank on Mondays and Wednesdays at 5pm PT, sign up here.

Watch Governor Newsom’s full remarks here.

Governor Gavin Newsom speaking to CWAers in California during a virtual town hall.