E-Z Pass Workers Fight to Save Their Jobs

E-Z Pass workers from CWA Local 1102 have been fighting to save their jobs. The Metropolitan Transit Authority, the government agency responsible for managing New York State’s bridges and tolls, recently awarded the E-Z Pass contract to a new company named Fanueil. This ended the current arrangement, which has been in place for over a decade, putting CWA Local 1102 members’ jobs in jeopardy.

Members of the local have been mobilizing to secure a commitment from the new company to keep their jobs. They have been meeting with elected officials including State Senator Diane Savino (D-N.Y.) and Assemblyman Charles Fall (D-N.Y.), who have been supportive of the workers.

Click here to listen to CWA Local 1102 President Steve Lawton and E-Z Pass worker Hope Gilmore on the America's WorkForce Union Podcast​, discussing the campaign to save E-Z Pass jobs, as well as the campaign ​​for worker safety during the height of the pandemic.

CWA Local 1102 Members Shoma Cappobiano and Carmen Arroyo engage Assemblyman Mike Cusick (D-N.Y.) about the importance of protecting their jobs and rights as workers.