Divestiture Agreement with DISH Doesn't Address Worker Concerns in T-Mobile/Sprint Merger

CWA President Chris Shelton issued a statement in response to the reported divestiture deal with DISH as part of the T-Mobile/Sprint merger, pointing out that the mega-merger is still bad news for working people.
"The T-Mobile/Sprint merger remains harmful to workers and consumers – it is anti-competitive and will kill 30,000 jobs," said Shelton. "The announced divestiture deal with DISH does not save these jobs and does not remedy the fundamental, anti-competitive nature of the merger. In fact, through the announced divestiture deal with DISH, T-Mobile is creating its largest customer, not a new competitor."
Thirteen states and the District of Columbia have recognized the anti-competitive nature of the merger and concerns raised by CWA and other merger opponents, and have sued to block the merger. Shelton said it is critical for the state lawsuit to proceed. "The state attorneys general are doing what the Justice Department will not – protecting workers and consumers from the job loss and higher prices that will result from this merger," Shelton said.
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