CWAers Winning Elected Office

Several states and municipalities held critical elections on Tuesday. In New Jersey, CWA endorsed candidate Phil Murphy was re-elected for another term as Governor. Governor Murphy has proven himself a true champion of working families and we are proud of the instrumental role CWAers and other labor activists played in delivering this key win.

Congratulations to all of the CWAers who won elected office and to all CWAers who have been in the forefront mobilizing to elect pro-worker candidates.

  • Richard Womack (TNG-CWA Local 32035) - Delaware County Council
  • Timothy Howard (CWA Local 1036) - Palmyra Borough Council
  • Harold "Hap" Pye (CWA Local 1085) - Woodbury Heights Council
  • Fred Hogan (IUE-CWA Local 81201) - Lynn City Council
  • Sheila Davis (CWA Local 1014) - Camden City Council
  • Chris Ryan (CWA Local 1123) - Onondaga County, 8th Legislative District