CWAers Win Protections for Nevada and Alabama Call Center Jobs


CWAers across the country are mobilizing to protect call center jobs from offshoring, and thanks to the hard work of Nevada CWAers, call center legislation is now heading to Governor Steve Sisolak for a signature! AT&T's lobbyists fought hard against the Nevada bill, applying pressure on state legislators to try to weaken it, but the governor helped keep the bill from being watered down.

The bill strengthens reporting requirements for companies that move more than 30% of their call center work out of Nevada, institutes a $5,000 per day penalty, and puts them on a bad actors list. Any company on that list is banned from receiving certain state funding and grants.



The Alabama bill to protect call center jobs, which contains strong notification requirements for companies that offshore 30% or more call volume at an Alabama call center, required repayment of unearned state benefits received to create call center jobs, and a five-year restriction on state benefits for employers who act in bad faith, was signed into law today!