CWAers Mobilize for Customer Service Week of Action

CWA's Customer Service Week of Action is here. The theme is "End CEO Hocus Pocus: Stop Offshoring and Outsourcing Good Jobs."

CWA D7 Vice President Brenda Roberts and the Customer Service Advocacy Committee put together an action program for CWAers that includes a petition drive to support AT&T Mobility workers in negotiations for a fair contract and a letters to the editor campaign to raise awareness about the offshoring and outsourcing of good jobs in our communities.

For the Week of Action, Verizon customer service worker David Tolbert, a steward for Local 2106, wrote about how CWAers took on Verizon in 2016 and won:

After 45 days of striking and even longer adversity, the strength of the union rose and we won. We came to an agreement with the company that preserved the centers and won back more than a thousand call center jobs. We have so many ways to let our voices be heard and taking action is one of the most effective ways to make change. Whether it's at the ballot box or marching in the street, it's important that we rise up, unite and take action.

This year's CWA Customer Service Week of Action is the perfect opportunity to do so. This week, CWA local unions across the country are participating in the week of action to speak out against the offshoring and outsourcing of good jobs.

Read the full piece here.