CWAers Learn about Workplace Health and Safety

One of CWA members' top priorities is working together to protect health and safety on the job. CWAers across the country have been participating in health and safety trainings in 2018, including recent sessions in New York and Texas.

At the trainings, CWA members discussed the causes of injury, illness, and stress in the workplace, made plans to address health and safety issues at the local level, and much more.

Above: At a July health and safety training session in Buffalo, members of CWA Locals 1133, 1122, and PPMWS-CWA Local 14148 from Verizon, New Era Cap, American Red Cross, Mercy Hospital, and Kaleida Health discussed ways to engage their co-workers on organizing for safer working conditions.

Below: Members of CWA Local 6143 in San Antonio, Texas, attended a health and safety training in February.