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CWAers Give Back During the Holidays

This year, in celebration of the spirit of Thanksgiving, we are recognizing charitable activities by locals from across our union. From Sacramento to Boston, CWA members and retirees have volunteered their time and energy in order to give back to their communities. We’d love to spotlight your local’s work: click here to tell us about your local’s community service efforts.

CWA Local 3817 members serving food for Veterans Day

The Local 3871 Women’s Committee in Bluff City, Tennessee, has been busy serving others this year. For Veterans Day, the Women’s Committee partnered with Carver Recreation and a local school in order to provide food, awards, and musical entertainment for their community. The Women’s Committee is proud to be continuing their partnership with the recreation center through Thanksgiving, as they work together to host a Community Dinner.

CWA District 4 members donating items to the food pantry

In CWA District 4, members participate annually in collecting and donating food items to the United Methodist Church Food Pantry, located in McCordsville, Indiana. The program, under the direction of lifelong CWA activist Marge Phillips, has grown from feeding 20 local families to over 115 families weekly.

CWA 6360 members donating to a toy drive

In Kansas City, Missouri, CWA Local 6360 has partnered with the Salvation Army for over 20 years to host the Christmas Angel Tree program, coming together to provide gifts for children who might not otherwise receive them. Through their efforts, Local 6360 has become one of the largest donors in the area!

CWA Local 6327 members in Kansas City also participate in programs like the Angel Tree. Additionally, the local's members have worked with United Way, volunteered at shelters, and sponsored families to offer holiday meals.

In St. Louis, CWA Local 6300 members work together to run canned food drives, with worksites becoming drop-off locations for cans that are then delivered to shelters. Members of CWA Local 6215, out of Dallas, Texas, volunteer their time at homeless shelters.

CWA 9421 members donating to Toys for Tots

CWAers from CWA Local 9421, in Sacramento, California, also support children in their community during the holiday season. In partnership with Mike Crane, a manager with DIRECTV and proud veteran of the Marine Corps, members put on a toy drive for Toys for Tots. Through this effort, hundreds of toys are collected for Sacramento children in need.

NABET-CWA Local 51018 members donating to the Home for Little Wanderers

NABET-CWA Local 51018, in Boston Massachusetts, makes an annual financial contribution to The Home for Little Wanderers. The Home for Little Wanderers, the oldest organization for child welfare in the United States, offers support to vulnerable children and families. Through their donation, NABET-CWA Local 51018 helps further the mission of providing individuals in need with critical services.

NABET-CWA Local 54043 members preparing food and donating toys

Members of NABET-CWA Local 54043 devote their holiday season to community outreach. This active Detroit local is involved in food giveaways with organizations in the city, making sure individuals facing food insecurity have access to meals. This includes coming together on Thanksgiving morning to cook, prepare, and deliver meals to senior citizens. The local is also involved in an annual toy drive for Toys for Tots, turning their membership meeting into a holiday party where celebration involves donating toys and gifts for children in need.