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CWA Workers at Brightspeed Gear Up for Bargaining

CWA Telecommunications and Technologies (T&T) sector members in North Carolina, Virginia, and Alabama have been brushing up on their mobilization skills, thanks, in part, to help from the T&T National Mobilization Committee (NMC). Brightspeed, purchased by Apollo Private Equity Funds in 2021, provides internet access for millions of homes and businesses across the Southeastern and Midwestern U.S.

While members under the Alabama contract, covering CWA Locals 3972 and 3974, currently have a contract extension, the Virginia contract covering CWA Local 2204 expires on June 1, and the North Carolina contract covering CWA Locals 3680, 3681, 3682, and 3685 is set to expire on June 7.

Members are fighting for pay increases to keep up with inflation, adequate staffing, and reasonable commutes to worksites. Currently, due to understaffing, workers are forced to travel long distances, with some Virginia workers commuting hours into North Carolina. These workers are working side-by-side with their North Carolina union siblings but receiving considerably less pay.

CWA Local 2204 President Chuck Simpson invited the expert trainers from T&T’s NMC to help with mobilization. The training is designed to give members the tools and skills necessary to win better contracts. It includes both tactical and strategic assessments, improving infrastructure for fast mobilization, and building a regional and national network among Locals to share critical information on common bargaining fights.

When asked about the benefits of bringing NMC trainers to his Local, Simpson responded, “I’ve been an officer here for 22 years and Local President for 15 of those years. It’s beneficial to take existing members who’ve been here a while and newer members who are just coming on board and bring them together, under one roof, so they understand exactly where we’re going, especially when we’re going into contract negotiations.”

CWA members in North Carolina should be on the lookout for an ad campaign launched this week by workers hoping to raise awareness of the bargaining underway with Brightspeed. The campaign will include television, print, and social media posts and use the hashtag #CWAFairContract. Members are encouraged to repost and use the hashtag to show their support.

CWA T&T Members in Mobilization Training 
Members across North Carolina, Virginia, and Alabama are gearing up for contract negotiations with mutual employer Brightspeed. CWA Local 2204 members participated in national mobilization training, which is helping them mobilize their members and coordinate with other locals in the fight.