CWA Wins Protections for Avaya Workers

In a big victory for Avaya workers and retirees, CWA has successfully preserved our collective bargaining agreement with the company as it emerges from bankruptcy proceedings. Retiree benefits and pensions will also remain intact.

CWA's quick intervention was key to protecting workers and retirees. Not only are CWA members among the few employees largely unaffected by the bankruptcy, but CWA was also able to ensure that employees who were owed severance pay months before the bankruptcy received their severance payments.

CWA Telecommunications and Technologies Vice President Lisa Bolton credited the careful work and coordination between CWA's National and Local leadership in consultation with bankruptcy experts for the success. "We are glad to be close to putting this process behind us, and look forward to Avaya's future as a strong, unionized company," Bolton said.

Click here to read Vice President Bolton's letter to local presidents about the Avaya bankruptcy reorganization plan.