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CWA Public Workers in Florida Aren’t Backing Down

August 31, 2023

CWA members in Florida aren’t backing down. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the state legislature passed legislation earlier this year that was designed to destroy public sector unions in the state, and they are more determined than ever to make their voices heard and improve their working conditions.

Earlier this month members of CWA Local 3179 who work for the City of Clearwater and their allies testified at a city council meeting about working conditions that make them feel undervalued, underpaid and unsafe. These workers who helped Clearwater residents prepare for Hurricane Idalia this week are now essential to restoring critical services.

“I worked for the city for 20 years,” Local 3179 Steward Jason Wallace told the council members. “We still don't have decent wages. The cost of living has skyrocketed. The people who make this city bright and beautiful every day have to fight for crumbs. In fact, y'all gave yourself a raise. Why can I get one? We demand safety, fair wages and respect.”

The new legislation bans paycheck dues deduction for public sector unions, so local members have been holding regular worksite meetings and phone banks to ensure that represented workers know what to do to prevent a lapse in their membership. They are also strengthening the union by building leadership through regular steward trainings.

CWA Local 3179 members and allies attended a recent city council meeting to testify about working conditions that make them feel undervalued, underpaid and unsafe and have been phone banking members to strengthen their union.