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CWA Members in New York and New Jersey Help Defend Social Security and Medicare

On February 22, CWA members rallied in both New York and New Jersey to demand that their members of Congress stand with working families instead of voting for disastrous cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits.

"These cuts are even deeper for a worker that retires at 65," said CWA Local 1103 LPAT member Caroline Dimezza, who spoke at a rally in Westchester, N.Y. "Today that worker receives 86.7 percent if retiring at 65. With the proposed Republican cuts, it's reduced to 75 percent of the full benefit—an additional 11.7 percent cut to what most Americans believe should be the actual right time to retire. And even if you elect to push on for the additional 4 years to reach the Republican Full Retirement age of 69, your benefits are still cut by 13 percent. So workers who need to reach the additional two years would wait longer for less benefits."

NY and NJ Members Rally for Social Security 
CWAers rallied to put members of Congress on notice that they will be held accountable to their constituents.