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CWA Members Fight for Safe Staffing in New York

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June 9, 2016

Members of CWA Local 1168 in Western New York rallied this week in support of the Safe Staffing for Quality Care Act, a life-saving bill to require hospitals to limit the number of patients assigned to nurses. Nurses are calling for the bill to be sent to the New York General Assembly for a vote before the end of the legislative session on June 16.

The CWA members gathered to door-knock and leave lawn signs in support of the safe staffing legislation in the district of Assemblyman Robin Schimminger, who has voted the bill down and stalled it in every committee it has gone through.

"It's impossible," said CWA Local 1168 President Cori Gambini. "You see RNs breaking down, crying, they have to choose between which patients they're going to get to. People that are in our beds right now are acutely ill. They need people to be in there assessing them and watching them."

"I want to be able to care for my patients. I want to be able to give them the care they deserve," said CWA Local 1168 member and RN Sarah Buckley.

Learn more about the campaign here.

CWA members in Western NY call on Assemblyman Schimminger to support life-saving Safe Staffing legislation now.