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CWA Members Attend White House Black Labor Leaders Roundtable

Last week, CWA President Claude Cummings Jr., along with other CWA members, attended the Biden Administration’s Black Labor Leaders Roundtable to discuss ways to support unions and grow the middle class. The roundtable brought together labor leaders from several unions to meet with Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su and other senior members of the Biden Administration.

President Cummings discussed how the Biden Administration can continue working with labor to uplift the voices of all workers, especially Black workers, who still face disparities in pay and equal treatment. He thanked administration officials for supporting and prioritizing the voices of workers and urged them to continue doing what they can to ensure that companies that are receiving federal dollars, be it from infrastructure bills or government contracts, are not using those funds to line the pockets of their wealthy shareholders but are spending them to support good jobs for working people.

AFA-CWA International Vice President and Pride at Work national executive board member Keturah Johnson and CWA Local 3642 member Sebrenda Clifton, who is a Passenger Service Agent with American Airlines, spoke on the transformative power of union membership. Clifton said, “It's about more than just wages and benefits. It's about dignity, respect, and the affirmation of worth in a society that too often overlooks and undervalues our contributions.”

Black History Month Labor Roundtable with Claude 
Above: CWA President Claude Cummings Jr. attended the Black History Month Labor Roundtable with Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su and Sebrenda Clifton, a Passenger Service Agent and member of CWA Local 3642. 

Below: Labor leaders met with White House staff at the Black History Month Labor Roundtable. Pictured below are AFA-CWA International Vice President Keturah Johnson (left) and AFA-CWA Frontier MEC Secretary-Treasurer Toi Scott. 
Black History Month Labor Roundtable with Keturah