CWA Member Honored for Heroism and Service as a First Responder

CWA Local 6360 member and Communications Office Zach Cobb received an award last month for his heroism and service as a first responder.

CWA Local 6360 member and 911 Communications Officer Zach Cobb was recognized for his heroism at the Blue Springs, Mo., First Responders Recognition & Awards Luncheon last month. In early April, during his shift as a 911 dispatcher, Officer Cobb received a call from a woman who threatened to take her own life. He was able to build a rapport with her and talk her down until police officers arrived. The bravery and professionalism he displayed during the span of three minutes saved a life. Other honorees at the luncheon included firefighters, paramedics, law enforcement, and other 911 dispatchers.