CWA Joins #SaveTheVote Efforts to Protect Integrity of Fall Elections

With fewer than 60 days until Election Day, a historic new coalition this week, including CWA, launched the #SaveTheVote campaign to safeguard this year's elections. The goal of the campaign is to provide clear, accurate information about voting to the American people and counter President Trump's and the Republican Party's relentless and unprecedented voter suppression efforts and attacks on the right to vote during the pandemic.

"Our members understand the importance of voting," said Shane Larson, CWA's Senior Director for Government Affairs and Policy. "At this critical time for our country, CWA members are ready to do their part to ensure that everyone who wants to vote understands how to do so safely and reliably. It's shameful that President Trump and his Republican allies are undermining the most fundamental process in a Democracy – casting a ballot in a free and fair election."

Click here to get the information you need to make your plan to vote: