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CWA Fighting to Maintain Good Jobs in AT&T-Time Warner Merger

CWA is calling for approval of AT&T's proposed acquisition of Time Warner.

The merger is about maintaining and creating good U.S. jobs and developing new and innovative ways to deliver technology and content. It also would provide much-needed new competition to companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon, where working people don't have union representation.

In a message to CWA telecom locals, CWA President Chris Shelton said CWA's action "was precipitated by the insistence of the Department of Justice – or the Trump Administration – that AT&T divest itself of DIRECTV, or CNN, or both. Since we have members at both DIRECTV and CNN (broadcast technicians and other workers for whom we've been fighting for fairness for more than 12 years), I felt it was time for us to get involved."

Shelton pointed out that while the merger moves forward, "We are fighting with AT&T for our members at Mobility to get a contract. In both these situations, we are representing our members either by supporting the company when it is trying to save our members' jobs, as in the merger situation, or by fighting the company tooth and nail at Mobility where it is shedding jobs by offshoring and contracting."

"In short, CWA knows how to walk and chew gum at the same time and AT&T knows that. We will do whatever it takes to represent our members by supporting the company when they deserve it or attacking them when they don't."

Read CWA's full statement on the proposed merger here.