CWA Executive Board Condemns Attacks on Union Activists in the Philippines

The CWA Executive Board issued a statement this week condemning ongoing abuses of union and progressive activists in the Philippines by the Duterte regime.

"We are united in our support for activists in the Philippines who are seeking to improve the lives and conditions of Filipino workers," the Executive Board wrote. "Workers must be free to exercise their human rights across the globe, including the right to form and join unions."

Recent reports indicate that the U.S. may begin negotiating a new free trade agreement with the Philippines. CWA opposes this action, which would send a terrible message to repressive governments everywhere, giving them a green light to continue suppressing dissent and retaliating against those who dare to speak out.

The Executive Board also called on elected officials and executives of multinational corporations doing business in the Philippines to speak out against the human rights violations that are on the rise in the Philippines and use their voices and influence to call for real reform.

At their December meeting, members of the CWA Executive Board showed their support for union activists in the Philippines.