CWA Calls on Congress to Invest in Infrastructure and Broadband

CWA, along with a coalition of some of the nation's largest unions and environmental groups, is calling on leaders of the U.S. House and Senate to move forward swiftly with a robust and ambitious plan to rebuild and transform America's infrastructure, including broadband. If done right, this plan would boost the U.S. economy and create millions of jobs, while reducing pollution, combating climate change, and strengthening communities.

The letter from the BlueGreen Alliance puts good jobs and protecting the freedom of working people to join unions to improve their working conditions front and center. Any comprehensive infrastructure plan must include using project labor agreements (PLAs), and include provisions and practices that prioritize collective bargaining agreements and workers' organizing rights like neutrality, majority sign-up, and first contract arbitration. It also asks Congress to include Davis-Bacon provisions that ensure workers are paid prevailing wages.

In addition to the letter, CWA recently released a separate infrastructure proposal to Congress urging legislators to invest strongly in broadband, which should be considered essential infrastructure of the 21st century. High-speed internet connections provide a gateway to economic growth, jobs, education, healthcare, public safety, energy efficiency, civic participation, and communication among friends and family. CWA called on legislators to implement broadband infrastructure solutions that will best serve working people in order to help guarantee universal access to high-speed broadband, close the digital divide, and promote good jobs in the telecommunications industry.