CWA Call Center Activists Reach Overtime Settlement with GDIT

A group of former GDIT call center workers has reached a settlement with the company to resolve their allegations that the company failed to pay proper overtime wages to customer service representatives at its call centers. The proposed settlement, if approved by a judge, will result in the 182 former GDIT employees who joined the lawsuit splitting $80,000 in back wages. GDIT sold its federal call center business to Maximus, Inc., in November 2018.

The federal lawsuit was filed in April after GDIT workers reported to CWA that they believed the company had not properly tracked and compensated them for all hours worked. They had routinely performed preliminary work tasks that were not included in the company's "on-the-clock" timekeeping system, including logging into phones and computers, checking and responding to emails, and coordinating and scheduling calls and meetings.

"This proposed settlement shows that when we come together and organize, we can win," said Adrian Powe, a Hattiesburg, Miss., call center worker and a plaintiff in the lawsuit. "We will be continuing our fight to hold Maximus, our new employer, accountable. This is only the beginning of our efforts to join together to improve working conditions."

Learn how to get involved in Maximus workers' efforts to join together for a voice in the workplace here:

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