Convention Resolutions and Actions

Delegates to the 78th CWA Convention adopted the Support Members and Rebuild Together (SMART) resolution that will allow for a portion of the existing Strategic Industry Funds to be allocated for direct service to members and organizing to build our power. Under the resolution, the allocated funds will be used to hire new, permanent CWA Staff Representatives and Organizing Coordinators to support locals and members by bargaining and enforcing contracts, delivering training, mobilizing, and helping workers organize. This is an important and necessary step to mitigate the financial hardship our union has faced due to the ongoing pandemic.

Read the full resolution here.

In addition to the SMART resolution, delegates to the 78th CWA Convention adopted several resolutions – modernizing CWA National Officer elections, committing to the fight against the climate crisis and preparing CWAers to move into industries of the future, continuing to build international solidarity with workers across the globe, strengthening our fight to build broadband better and end the digital divide, calling for protections of frontline airline workers from abusive and violent passengers, demanding an end to the filibuster and save our democracy, and other resolutions addressing critical issues impacting CWA members.

Read all the adopted resolutions here.

Additionally, delegates also adopted proposed amendments to the CWA Constitution that would incorporate the CWA Policy on Mutual Respect, the Union’s guiding language on the topics of discrimination and harassment, into the CWA Constitution, expand the definition of who is qualified to file charges of harassment and discrimination, and make violations of the policy chargeable under the trial board process.

Delegates also adopted policies, reports, and actions to keep our union moving forward, including reports from the National Committee on Civil Rights and Equity and the National Women's Committee.

Correction: An earlier version of this story mistakenly stated that the delegates adopted a proposal to appoint a trial coordinator to oversee the trial process when a charge of violating the CWA Policy on Mutual Respect is filed.