Connecticut Labor Committee Passes Call Center Bill

This week, the Connecticut Senate Labor Committee voted on and passed a bill spearheaded by CWA members to protect Connecticut's call center workers! The vote in support of H.B. 5273 is an important first step towards ensuring that companies that offshore call center and customer service jobs are not rewarded with taxpayer dollars. State Senator Julie Kushner and State Representative Robyn Porter have been leading the efforts to pass the bill.

"For too long, our state has turned a blind eye to corporations that take millions of dollars in state contracts, tax breaks, and subsidies while outsourcing jobs overseas," said Dave Weidlich, CWA Local 1298 President. "This vote sends a powerful message: Connecticut will now keep those that send jobs overseas accountable and will stop rewarding companies that send call center jobs overseas."

The fight isn't over yet – if you live in Connecticut, take two minutes right now to send emails to your Connecticut State Representative and Senator to tell them to protect call center jobs.

CWA members in Connecticut are mobilizing to pass a state bill to protect call center jobs.