Call Center Legislation Update

CWA's push to pass legislation to protect U.S. call center jobs and crack down on U.S. companies that offshore their call center jobs is gaining momentum across the country.

Michael Schendel, president of CWA Local 37083, spoke in favor of the Washington Call Center Jobs Act (HB 2844).

Washington State

In testimony delivered this week before the Washington House Labor & Workplace Standards Committee, Michael Schendel, president of CWA Local 37083, issued a strong endorsement of the new Washington Call Center Jobs Act (HB 2844).

Recognizing how the continued offshoring of call center jobs to lower wage countries has harmed working families, communities, and consumer security, the legislation would add new levels of accountability to the offshoring process and ensure that taxpayer dollars are not rewarding companies who are actively eliminating and offshoring jobs.

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CWA Local Presidents pushed for Alabama call center legislation during a Lobby Day visit to the Alabama Legislature in Montgomery, Ala.

Front of building, left to right: Keith Patterson, Local 3908 President; Ra-Amon Ta-Neter, Local 3907 President; Bruce Hembree, Local 3909 President; Jason James, Alabama LPAT Coordinator; Isa Shabazz, D3 Alabama Staff Rep.; and Danny McDuffie, Local 3904 President.

Center: Rep. Phil Williams (R-Huntsville) is sponsoring a house bill to protect call center jobs in Alabama.