A Better Deal for Our Democracy

CWA has been fighting for years to build a democracy where everyone participates, every vote is counted, voting rights are fully enforced, and everyone's voice is heard. 

Our government, our workplaces, our political process, and our democracy have been rigged in favor of the top one percent. Every issue that CWA members fight for – from bargaining rights to retirement security, health care, and keeping good jobs in the U.S. – is affected by this rigged system. That's why fighting for Democracy is a core issue for CWAers.

Now, CWA is supporting an exciting new initiative that Congressional Democrats rolled out on Monday, the Better Deal for Our Democracy. The plan focuses on strengthening and expanding voting rights, fixing our ethics laws, and rebalancing power for people by ending the surge of unaccountable "dark money" unleashed by Citizens United.

"It is time for a new vision for our democracy, one that puts a priority on the participation of working people instead of on giving outsized attention to the views CEOs and Wall Street executives," CWA said. "If we enact the reforms in the Better Deal for our Democracy, we will reduce the power of big money in politics and increase voter participation. Our country will be stronger as a result."

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