Bernie Sanders Launches Our Revolution

A new group called Our Revolution launched on Wednesday with a major livestream address from Bernie Sanders. As tens of thousands tuned in on the livestream, and many more attended watch parties across the country, Senator Sanders laid out what we can do going forward to continue the fight for the issues that drove his campaign and inspired so many.

Sanders criticized the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), calling it part of the race to the bottom. "Instead of uplifting people around the world, people are becoming poorer. Americans used to support so-called free trade. But today, the American people understand that we've lost millions of decent paying jobs to bad free trade agreements. People are united against the TPP."

As part of Our Revolution, hundreds of thousands of people will be involved in fighting on the grassroots level – from school boards to city councils to the U.S. Senate, on issues like opposing the TPP, making college affordable, providing healthcare for all, and raising the minimum wage to $15. They'll be involved in major ballot measures on financial, environmental, gender, and labor issues to help reshape policy.

Bernie won't be directing or controlling the group, and has asked former CWA president Larry Cohen to assemble a diverse board of progressive men and women to lead Our Revolution.

"Real change never takes place from the top down," said Sanders. "It always takes place from the bottom up."

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