Beirne Scholarships Awarded for 2019-2020

The CWA Joe Beirne Foundation was established in October 1974 by the Communications Workers of America Executive Board to honor the name and memory of the founding President of CWA, who served for more than 30 years.

Sixteen partial college scholarships of $4,000 each are being awarded for the 2019-2020 school year. Winners, selected in a lottery drawing, also will receive second-year scholarships of the same amount contingent upon satisfactory academic accomplishment. Part-time students, taking fewer than 12 credits, will receive half of the scholarship amount.

Eligible for the awards are CWA members and their spouses, children, and grandchildren, including those of retired or deceased members.

2019-20 Winners:

Devin Malbreaux, son of Catherine Stevenson, Local 1105
Ashley Cook, daughter of Caprecia Jackson-Cook, Local 1038
Abigail Rodriguez, member of Local 1045
Stephanie Shamah, daughter of Billy Shamah, Local 1104
William Idzinski, son of Kim Idzinski, Local 81408
Madison Metague, daughter of David Metague, Local 13000
Keshaun Baxter, son of Cira Baxter, Local 3641
Amber Betz, daughter of David Betz, Local 3905
Marcus Jenkins, son of Lisa O’Neal-Jenkins, Local 4009
Cameron Camp, daughter of Vanessa Ogletree, Local 54043
Shannon Lund, son of Cecelia Lund, Local 6222
Elena YellowBird, grand-daughter of Fenella Bergeson, Local 7500
Hailee Schalwig, daughter of Shari Wojtowicz, Local 7250
Farrah Ghazi Moradi, daughter of Ryan Castro, Local 9416
Annika Carroll, daughter of Joanne Schnurr, Local 30205
Jenifer Norwell, member of Local 30213