Bargaining Update

Envoy Air

The CWA-Envoy bargaining committee met with the company last week, discussing wages, benefits, vacations, overtime, training, travel pay, and expenses. The CWA committee is now working on a counter proposal on wages because the company's latest proposal is not good enough.

The CWA team will return to the bargaining table on June 20. Check out the Facebook video update from last week's sessions by clicking here.


AT&T Midwest and AT&T Legacy T

The CWA bargaining teams rejected AT&T's so-called "final offer" last week, and thanked CWA members for their tremendous member-led mobilization as many locals across the country participated in Unfair Labor Practice strikes, garnering significant media coverage.
"There couldn't be a clearer, louder, or more powerful message sent back to the company than the one you sent them over these past days," the AT&T Midwest bargaining committee wrote in an update. "It has told the company that no matter how hard they try, or how many emails they send out, bargaining should be done at the table and not directly with the members."

Read about the Unfair Labor Practice mobilization here.

CWA members held events in Wadsworth, Ohio, and Jackson, Mich., calling on Congressman Jim Renacci (R-Ohio) and Tim Wahlberg (R-Mich.) to hold AT&T accountable for its tax bill job promises. CWA is also running online ads to encourage their constituents to ask them to speak up. You can view the ads here: Congressman Renacci, Congressman Wahlberg.

Before the bill passed, AT&T promised that every $1 billion in tax savings would create "7,000 good jobs for the middle class." Instead, just days after the tax bill became law, the company announced more than 1,500 layoffs – compounding workers' concerns about the company's practice of shifting work to low-wage overseas contractors.

Above: Many CWA locals across the country participated in member-led Unfair Labor Practice strikes over AT&T trying to circumvent the collective bargaining process.

Below: CWAers and allies gathered in Jackson, Mich., to call on Tim Wahlberg (R-Mich.) to hold AT&T accountable for its tax bill job promises. They were joined by CWA-endorsed candidate Gretchen Driskell (center), who is running against Wahlberg in the 2018 election.