Bargaining Update

AT&T Midwest and AT&T Legacy T

CWAers at AT&T Midwest and AT&T Legacy T are standing up against corporate power and fighting for good jobs and a fair contract at AT&T. 14,000 AT&T workers covered by AT&T's Midwest and AT&T Legacy T contracts have voted to authorize a strike if AT&T refuses to offer real solutions at the bargaining table.

A new video featuring CWA members exposes how AT&T is making a massive profit from the Republican corporate tax cut bill, while at the same time laying thousands of workers off and outsourcing U.S. jobs to low-wage contractors. Watch the video here

"I think AT&T cares about numbers and profit and money going to the executive officers and stockholders. They don't care about the employees," said David Blackburn of Tempe, Ariz., a member of CWA Local 7050. 

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On Saturday, more than 100 CWAers from across the Midwest gathered to welcome and rally with the CWA bargaining committee in Arlington Heights, Ill., where negotiations are continuing with the company. The parking lot and sidewalks were overwhelmed by a flood of red shirts, sending a message to AT&T that members are ready to fight for a fair contract.


Windsor Star

Members of the Windsor Typographical Union/CWA Canada Local 30553, which represents more than 100 employees in the Windsor Star mailroom, successfully fought off demands for major concessions, overwhelmingly voting to ratify a tentative agreement with Postmedia. The same members had, in January, sent a clear message of defiance to Postmedia with a near-unanimous strike vote.

"While we didn't make a lot of gains, we stood firm against deep concession demands and that is a big victory," CWA Canada President Martin O'Hanlon said. "Our members have protected pension contributions and maintained their health benefits, showing the advantage of standing united in a union."

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