Bargaining Update

AT&T Midwest and AT&T Legacy T

Contracts expired for 14,000 CWA members at AT&T Midwest and AT&T Legacy T on Saturday night. Workers remain on the job but are ready to strike if negotiations stall.

"Our members remember the big promises that AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson made if the corporate tax cut bill passed, and now we're holding AT&T to those promises," said CWA District 4 Vice President Linda L. Hinton. "Our bargaining team is committed to negotiating a fair contract that keeps good family-supporting jobs with affordable health care and a secure retirement in our communities. AT&T should not underestimate CWA members. They are ready to do whatever it takes to get a fair contract with AT&T Midwest, including going on strike if we aren't able to make progress at the bargaining table."

"The concessions that AT&T is demanding are insulting," Vice President of Telecommunications & Technologies Lisa Bolton said. "AT&T made nearly $30 billion in profits last year, and is reaping major benefits from the passage of the corporate tax cut bill. They can afford to keep good family-supporting jobs in our communities instead of laying off workers and sending their work to low-wage contractors. Our members have overwhelmingly authorized a strike if necessary, and that is still an option."

Members of Local 4603 held a rally in Milwaukee, Wis., on Saturday night as the AT&T Midwest contract expired to show the company that members are ready to do what it takes for a fair contract.


New Jersey State Workers (Executive Branch)

CWA reached a tentative agreement with the Murphy Administration this week, securing a huge win for 35,000 state workers in the executive branch in New Jersey. 

The agreement comes after nearly 3 years of fierce – and often stalled – negotiations with the Christie Administration, during which the former NJ governor refused to pay workers' salary increments and blocked arbitration attempts.

"We achieved our goals," said the bargaining team in a memo to members. "The contract improves on the pattern set by other settlements and sets a foundation for our next contract."

The new contract addresses all retroactive increments and clothing allowance payments, provides two across-the-board increases of 2%, and came with no concessions – a major victory rewarding years of solidarity by CWA members throughout the state and the hard work by the bargaining committee.

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Frontier Communications

CWA members at Frontier Communications in West Virginia and Ashburn, Va., have voted to ratify a new 4-year agreement. CWA members fought hard for this agreement, negotiating with the company for more than 11 months, and spending 22 days on strike. 

Thanks to their unity and perseverance, along with the unwavering support of working people in West Virginia, Virginia, and across the country, CWA members at Frontier won an agreement that raises wages, maintains affordable health care, and expands job security to all of their members covered by the contract. This is a major achievement, and it shows what working people can do when they join together to stand up for themselves and their communities.


Piedmont Airlines

The CWA passenger service agents at Piedmont Airlines will begin mediation with the company in July with the goal of reaching a fair agreement with family-supporting wages.