Bargaining Update

City of Jackson, Miss.

The Jackson City Council voted unanimously in favor of a collective bargaining agreement between the City of Jackson and MASE/CWA covering about 300 public workers.


Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines Flight Attendants represented by AFA-CWA approved a joint collective bargaining agreement covering more than 5,700 Flight Attendants at Alaska Airlines and former Virgin America.

"This contract is significant because it's a first for the former Virgin America Flight Attendants and provides pay and work-life improvements for all Alaska Airlines cabin crew. Not only is this a step forward for the 5,700 Flight Attendants at Alaska, but it also raises the bar for all Flight Attendants in the industry with more than 1,200 families newly benefiting from a union contract. Flight Attendants across the industry are cheering this step forward for our careers," said Sara Nelson, AFA International President.

The agreement provides contractual improvements and pay increases for pre-merger Alaska Flight Attendants, immediate parity on pay rates for pre-merger Virgin America Flight Attendants, and significant enhancements in maternity leave, schedule flexibility, and work rules.


AT&T Midwest and AT&T Legacy T

Have questions about what's going on in CWA bargaining with AT&T Midwest and Legacy T? Next Tuesday, April 10, at 7:00 p.m. Eastern, hear from CWA President Chris Shelton, D4 Vice President Linda Hinton, T&T Vice President Lisa Bolton, and the Bargaining Chairs of the two committees on a town hall call. Members will have an opportunity to ask questions.

How to sign up for the call:

AT&T Midwest: text MIDWESTCALL to 69866
Legacy T: text LEGTCALL to 69866

As negotiations continue, read the latest bargaining reports from CWA District 4 and AT&T Midwest here, and updates from CWA Legacy T and AT&T here.