Bargaining Update

Alaska Airlines

AFA-CWA members at Alaska Airlines and the former Virgin America Airlines will be voting on a new joint collective bargaining agreement (JCBA). The agreement covers more than 5,400 Flight Attendants. 

"We worked hard to achieve improvements for the Alaska Airlines Flight Attendants while simultaneously balancing the need to quickly address the disparity for the former Virgin America Flight Attendants working under their current pay and work rules. The JCBA accomplishes those goals and provides for a smooth path to combine the two flight attendant groups," said Jeffrey Peterson, AFA-CWA president at Alaska Airlines.

Virgin America Flight Attendants joined AFA-CWA in April 2017 shortly after the announced merger of Alaska Airlines and Virgin America.


AT&T Mobility

Members of Local 6143 showed their support for AT&T Mobility workers in District 3 who are bargaining for a fair contract. Pictured: Jesse Espinosa, VP; Marsha Watson, Chief Steward RSC; David Garcia, EVP; Stella Morales Cricket, Steward; Jose Alvarez, RSC; Diane Lutz, SSR, and Aissa Tristan, Chief Steward RSC.