Bargaining Update


NABET-CWA and NBC Universal opened negotiations this week in New York City, covering about 3,000 workers. The current agreement expires March 31.
NABET-CWA President Charlie Braico is leading the bargaining team. "At this early stage, I'm encouraged that our union and management are sharply focused on reaching a deal on time. It doesn't mean that the issues are easy and it absolutely requires a strong joint commitment, but there's a great value in reaching an overall tentative agreement on time," he said.

Committee members are Lou Marinaro, Rob Weiss, and Max Sicherman, New York, Local 51011; Mike Judge, and Bob Williams, Washington, D.C., Local 52031; Ed Dabrowski and Don Villar, Chicago, Local 54041; Steve Ross and Warren Stern, Los Angeles, Local 59053, and NABET-CWA General Counsel Judi Chartier.
CWA President Chris Shelton joined the NABET-CWA bargaining committee for the opening session and reminded management that NABET-CWA members contribute greatly to the achievements and success of NBC Universal, and a fair contract is the way to continue that success.