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Bargaining Update

Piedmont Airlines

CWA's Piedmont Airlines bargaining team reported significant progress following negotiations with the airline March 7-9 in Harrisburg, Pa. Read more here.

CWA represents 4,000 passenger service agents, including reservations, ticket, and gate agents; baggage service agents; customer assistance representatives; and customer service supervisors.


AT&T West

Elected officials throughout California and Nevada sent a letter to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson and EVP of Labor Relations Mark Royse Tuesday, pointing out that AT&T denies many communities high-speed broadband and reliable landline phone access and is harming communities by cutting thousands of good, middle-class jobs.  

"AT&T made more than $16 billion in profits last year, paid out $46 million to its top executives and spent billions on costly mergers, but it's attempting to move good quality jobs out of California and Nevada," the letter states. "Workers are standing up for their communities."

Elected officials joined a media teleconference on March 14 to talk publicly about AT&T’s failure to provide many communities in California and Nevada with high-speed Internet and reliable, basic telephone service. Due to under-maintained copper lines, remote and rural areas are left without reliable landline phone access, 911 and emergency services and basic Internet service.

Read the letter here

And read some of the media coverage here and here.

Some 17,000 CWAers at AT&T West have been working without a contract for nearly a year, and members are mobilizing to focus attention on AT&T's refusal to bargain fairly.

On Apr. 9, the one-year anniversary of the previous contract expiration, CWAers will rally and march in San Jose. Keep up with the latest here.