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Bargaining Update

NewsGuild-CWA Members at Desert Sun Reach First Contract Agreement

Desert Sun Bargaining

NewsGuild-CWA journalists at the Gannett-owned Desert Sun, the Coachella Valley’s daily newspaper, have reached an agreement for a first contract. The tentative agreement comes two days after the workers, members of the Media Guild of the West (TNG-CWA Local 39213) launched a ULP strike over the company’s refusal to offer consistent raises that reflect the skyrocketing cost of living in the valley, as well as its unwillingness to offer any protections against exorbitant health care cost hikes.

“WE WON!!!! After 3 years of bargaining, walkouts, rallies, and two strikes, the Desert Sun Guild has its first contract with the Desert Sun!” said Janet Wilson, an environmental reporter at the Desert Sun. “Thank you to our fearless bargaining team and all our supporters. You gave us the fiscal ability and gumption to get this done.”

As a result of the strike, members won immediate, life-changing raises, annual raises for every member, and crucial workplace protections. The contract would also raise the standard for contracts across Gannett, where the NewsGuild-CWA represents about 1,400 workers across 50 bargaining units.


Canadian Media Guild-CWA Reaches Tentative Agreement with CBC/Radio Canada

With more than 4,400 members representing production, administrative, technical, and trades positions, the Canadian Media Guild-CWA (CWA Canada Local 30213) has reached a tentative agreement with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. This agreement comes in the wake of the company’s announcement last year that it would be laying off approximately ten percent of its staff.

The bargaining team focused on pay increases, more job security, and mitigating the proposed staffing cuts. During the seven-week negotiation, members and supporters wore green, shared green-colored baked goods, and amplified the bargaining team’s message online. The bargaining team is in the process of setting up ratification meetings where members will have the opportunity to learn more about the details of the agreement and vote.

Canadian Media Guild Bargaining 
The Canadian Media Guild-CWA bargaining team has reached a tentative agreement with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.


CWA Local 1037 Turns Out for a Fair Contract

It’s been 25 months since CWA 1037 members at Passaic County Board of Social Services (PCBSS) had a contract—the longest they’ve ever gone without one. The contract expired in December 2021, and workers have been mobilizing to get a new one.

On February 27, members rallied outside the Passaic County Commissioners Meeting. Though CWA doesn’t negotiate directly with the commissioners, there are two who are on the Passaic County Board of Social Services. Workers are determined to keep using their collective power to settle a fair contract, and more actions will follow.

On February 22, CWA Local 1037 members picketed Chairwoman Carol Cuadrado, who sits on the PCBSS Board and bargains with the local. Members rallied in Paterson, N.J. while she and the rest of the board held a virtual meeting. The board has refused to meet in person with CWA members to continue the bargaining process. Members joined the virtual meeting, and Wanda Sawyer, Vice President of PCBSS and CWA 1037 Executive Board Member, spoke on-camera, saying, “Chairwoman Cuadrado, hear us today. If this Board fails to meet in person, we will come to you! The Board will not ignore us! Fair Contract Now!”

Follow CWA Local 1037 on Instagram, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter) @cwa1037.

CWA Local 1037 Fair Contract Fight 
Members of CWA Local 1037 rallied outside the Passaic County Commissioners Meeting continuing their 25-month fight for a contract.


Unanimous Strike Authorization Vote for AFA-CWA Flight Attendants at Omni Air

AFA-CWA Flight Attendants at Omni Air International voted 100 percent to authorize an historic strike, with 91 percent participating.

Flight Attendants at Omni have been in contract negotiations for a year and a half, overseen by the National Mediation Board. Following proposals from management offering inadequate pay increases, unacceptable duty lengths, and inadequate rest, negotiations stalled. Omni Flight Attendants took the contract fight public on February 13 during a global day of action in solidarity with Flight Attendants across the industry fighting for new contracts at American, Alaska, United, and more.

"We face a relentless combination of disrespect, health concerns, schedule instability, excruciatingly long duty hours, inadequate crew rest, and poverty-level wages,” said Patricia Huber, AFA Omni President. “The current state of affairs at Omni is unsustainable. We're fighting to change that."

Now that a strike has been authorized, the union can request a release from the National Mediation Board, leading to a 30-day "cooling off" period and strike deadline.


CWA Local 13000 Firefighters Secure Contract Extension

CWA Local 13000 firefighters, serving both Newtown Township and Newtown Borough, secured a three-year contract extension. Under the new contract, firefighters will adopt a seven-day, 12-hour shift schedule. Additionally, existing firefighters are set to receive a three percent pay increase above their 2024 salaries, and two lieutenant positions will be created. The addition of the new personnel increases the department’s full-time, career firefighting team to 12 members. The firefighters work closely with local volunteer firefighters.