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Bargaining Update

Frontier (West Virginia)

CWAers at Frontier in West Virginia and Ashburn, Va., are bargaining for a new contract that covers approximately 1,400 members. Negotiations opened on Monday between the company and CWA ahead of the current contract expiration in August. The negotiations come at a critical time for the company, which emerged from bankruptcy in April 2021. West Virginia is slated to receive $950 million from the bipartisan federal infrastructure bill to invest in expanding broadband internet access to locations across the state. Frontier members in West Virginia and Ashburn went on strike for three weeks in 2018 in order to reach an agreement that ensured that they would be able to provide quality service and keep good jobs in their communities. “Five years after our strike, we have the same priorities at Frontier in West Virginia and Virginia,” said Ed Mooney, Vice President of CWA District 2-13. “Our message is simple: we want a contract that supports quality jobs so we can deliver quality service.”

Frontier Bargaining
CWA Frontier members in West Virginia and Ashburn, Va., mobilize by holding workplace actions for a new contract covering thousands of workers.


Potter County

IUE-CWA Local 88612 members who work for Potter County, Penn., are uniting their voices to demand a fair contract. These essential county workers play a critical role in providing vital community services, including tax processing, courthouse security, estate management, and more. With their contract opening for negotiations in late June, they are fighting for higher wages and improved working conditions.

With a starting rate below $10 an hour, many are forced to seek second jobs or leave their positions in search of livable wages. Consequently, the county is grappling with a shortage of interested workers to fill open positions. Frustrated by the County Commissioners' lack of response, the union members began a mobilization campaign, creating their own yellow t-shirts and distributing yard signs to raise awareness about their working conditions and the significance of the services they provide.

“We are the backbone of this county. We are skilled workers who take pride in serving the public, but it’s just a shame we get paid so little even in comparison to local fast food establishments,” said Marian Butler, a county worker. “However, I am hopeful the County Commissioners will eventually listen to our concerns and negotiate a fair contract. We are a small community, members are pumped, and it won’t take long for our story to get around, including the hardships we endure and the essential services at stake.”

Potter County Bargaining
IUE-CWA Local 88612 members at Potter County, Penn., are mobilizing for a new contract.


International Documentary Association

Workers of the International Documentary Association, members of Documentary Workers United (CWA Local 9003), won a tentative agreement for a first two-year contract after months of bargaining. The agreement includes an average 20-30 percent wage increase, with a baseline minimum of $30/hr, a guaranteed annual rate increase, differential pay for additional labor, and a comprehensive reproductive health policy. Read more here.