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Bargaining Update

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

As the strike against the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette stretches into its sixth month, two striking workers were assaulted on the picket line by a scab truck driver late Saturday night. The unprovoked attack sent one of the strikers to the hospital with a broken jaw, which required surgery. Unfortunately, the workers are out on strike without health insurance due to the actions of the Post-Gazette, which back in October of 2022 refused to pay the additional contractually obligated $19 per employee, per week, and instead made a proposal that could cost workers close to $14,500 more per year in out-of-pocket medical expenses. Some of these workers have not seen a raise in 16 years. Throughout the strike, the Post-Gazette ownership has been wasting money on frivolous litigation and union-busting efforts when they could be paying for the contractually obligated healthcare of their dedicated employees. The striking workers, labor leaders, and elected officials participated in a press conference on Monday, calling for an immediate investigation into the assault on peaceful strikers.

The striking workers at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette are launching the “Today in Pittsburgh Labor” radio show, which will air on KDKA Sundays at 11pm ET, beginning on March 19. The show will cover the ongoing strike as well as other important local news. You can tune in at