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December 22, 2022

CWA’s Executive Board sent a letter to C-SPAN this week calling for the immediate removal of Allan Block, Chairman and CEO of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s parent company, Block Communications, from C-SPAN’s Board of Directors. In the letter directed to C-SPAN’s Executive Committee, CWA points to Block’s continued irresponsibility and biased behavior as directly contradicting C-SPAN's commitment to neutrality.

In addition to refusing to provide his workers at the Post-Gazette with basic necessities like healthcare and raises, Block made headlines last month for swearing at and slapping a union representative with a bag of food after being asked why he refuses to come to a fair agreement with his Post-Gazette workers. His behavior also includes supporting the January 6 insurrection and attempting to sway reporting to be pro-Trump.

In conjunction with CWA’s letter, Post-Gazette workers launched a petition demanding Block’s removal from C-SPAN’s Board. Earlier this week, striking CWA members at the Post-Gazette, joined by CWA members from locals 13500 and 1168, held a powerful rally to demand a fair contract. CWA Local 1168 members traveled from Buffalo, N.Y., to show their support.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Strike
Striking CWA Members at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette were joined by CWA members from locals 13500 and 1168 at a rally to demand a fair contract.