Bargaining Update

The New Yorker

Last week, NewsGuild-CWA members at The New Yorker held a 24-hour work stoppage to demand fair wages and a transparent, equitable salary structure, and to protest management's unacceptable response to the union's wage proposal and its ongoing failure to bargain in good faith.

"Salaries are a diversity and inclusion issue," said Naib Mian, an interactives researcher who is a member of The New Yorker Union's bargaining committee. "And a magazine that's at the forefront of the national discussion, especially around progressive issues, should not exclude those voices and should not be exclusive to the independently wealthy elite. But the status quo, and what management put on the table, enshrines that longstanding exclusion."

"These negotiations have gone on long enough. If management continues to reject basic concepts like competitive salary minimums and guaranteed annual increases, and refuses to swiftly bargain toward a contract that reflects the value of our members' work, we will take further action," the workers said in a statement.