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Bargaining Update

AT&T Mobility and DirecTV (Black)

Contract negotiations for the AT&T Mobility and DirecTV Black contracts are continuing. The bargaining committee is fighting to ensure that members’ concerns about critical issues that impact them and their families such as wages, healthcare, benefits, work/life balance, and job security are being addressed at the table. In particular, the committee is negotiating for a fair contract that includes flexible vacation schedules, addresses work-from-home related issues for call center employees, improved parental leave, title upgrades for customer service members, limits the amount of corporate-owned retail stores being converted to third party authorized retail stores, and ensures job security for all members. The committee is also working hard to include protection in areas such as quota relief, pay, and benefits for In Home Expert (IHX) workers. Key issues for DirecTV workers include job security, severance pay, call percentages, and work-from-home benefits. In addition, the committee is determined to address the rising costs in our economy by securing increases to help offset the impact on members.

The workers have been actively mobilizing to build power at the bargaining table and show support for their bargaining team. Last week, to recognize the first day of Black History Month and show their solidarity, workers, including the bargaining committee, wore all black and posted photos on social media. Workers throughout the District are preparing to ramp up their mobilization efforts as they get close to the contract’s expiration on February 10. Learn more and sign up for updates. For AT&T Mobility click here. For DirecTV click here.

AT&T Black Contract Bargaining
AT&T Mobility and DirecTV workers in CWA District 3 continue to mobilize and build power for a fair contract.